All about the FAQ about JuicyFields

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JuicyFields is a crowd growing level those friends individuals with clinical marijuana corporations trying to find financing. Our basis offers you the chance to usher in cash through aiding private ventures inside the marijuana commercial enterprise to develop and enhance. The goal of our mission is to make a global brand for the creation of medical weed objects (vapes and oils).

How would I start?

Make a cultivator’s report on https://juicyfields.Io/statistics change. Fill in your subtleties, and have a look at your demo plant to look how the degree capabilities.


Inspect the distinctions between the scientific weed lines you could increase, pick out the proper form of strain for you, select the wide variety of flora you need to have, and you are all set.

What does juicyfields do?

There are two answers to this inquiry. A straightforward response and a more confounded one.

The truthful reaction is that we are a stage that friends individuals to valid medical marijuana businesses attempting to find financing. We oversee tasks inside the scientific weed enterprise, simply as turning in and promoting our objects underneath a JuicyFields emblem.

The more complicated response is that we strive to make a medical pot to be had to each person. The pot commercial enterprise is as of now one of the quickest developing corporations on the planet, but it is an industry wherein just the wealthy can flourish.

We intend to change that by making pot open to each person all over the planet. Our foundation assists you with developing legitimate medical weed without making use of pricey weed licenses or burning thru a huge range of dollars suddenly.

How lengthy have you ever been doing this?

JuicyFields changed into set up lower back in 2017. Before all else, we invested our strength main examination in weed technology and marketing, acquiring the statistics and abilities we anticipated to gather a level that lets in all of us to broaden pot without contacting the plant life.

The JuicyFields institution extended in 2019, with the appearance of veteran cultivators and professionals. That was the second when we rejuvenated our idea and made a degree to help trendy people with developing scientific pot and accomplish their commercial enterprise goals.

These days, our group contains skilled specialists (over 25 years of involvement with marijuana improvement) simply as amateur abilities.

How treated starting with?

We commenced our commercial enterprise in Spain, but we confronted a notable deal of challenges. Then, at that point, in 2019, we took into consideration fostering a degree for individuals very just like us. Individuals who want to broaden scientific marijuana but are not moguls.

We did a super deal of examination. We had the notion, yet there was a long manner to go together with regards to weed, selling, lawful viewpoints, worldwide economic alliance, and greater earlier than we ought to construct a level that assists people with growing lawful pot.

Presently we can satisfy our fantasies and tackle the issues of numerous marijuana makers and would-be cultivators all over the planet – because of our accomplices.

What are your associations with destiny?

We need to ship off an extra of 20 partner projects, increasing our basis’s all-out task esteem from 50 million to 150 million euros. We likewise plan to show into the main emblem of brilliant THC vapes on earth.