Everything about shock hair loss after hair transplant

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Shock loss is explained as the shedding of healthy present hairs temporarily due to surgical trauma and loss of hairs occurs both in the donor and recipient regions. Here in this article, we are going to discuss everything about hair loss after hair transplantation in detail.

Hair transplantation is one of the highly-effective and most prominent hair loss treatment among males and females of all age groups. As in the present scenario, nobody likes hair thinning and baldness so these people undergo this surgery to restore the lost hair. Many individuals have some kind of misconception in their mind regarding hair transplant surgery. Some people believe that after considering a hair transplant procedure, they might lose the grafted hair for a long time. Although, there will be temporary shedding of existing hairs not the transplant hairs after this considering this procedure. This phase is commonly called shock loss after the hair restoration.

Shock loss is explained as a temporary loss of natural hair either from the donor region or from the recipient region after undergoing hair transplantation. According to surgeons, shock hair loss is not peculiar to any one process as it can be seen in the donor site in both the methods. But it commonly happens on the recipient site. Trauma, which can be chemical, physical or both, is the main reason behind the occurrence of the shock loss. The cause of shock loss is normally from trauma.

What do you mean by hair shedding?

Hair Shedding is considered as a universal feature which happens after considering hair transplantation. Shedding of hair happens when the surgeons harvest the hair grafts and preserve them in the holding solution by maintaining a certain temperature. Later on, place that harvested hair in the recipient area. The implanted hair grafts fall from the scalp temporarily and again grow back until 6 weeks of hair restoration surgery.

What do you mean by shock loss after hair transplantation?

Shock loss is explained as a temporary phase of Hair Shedding after the Hair restoration procedure. This situation arises due to the physical or chemical trauma to the scalp. In certain cases, this situation is for a short time and hair regrowth starts after a certain time. This condition happens during any kind of hair restoration technique whether it is FUE or FUT. When the hair transplant procedure is done, existing hair surrounded in the recipient site may experience trauma and gradually they fall out.

During the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure, the surgeon applies pneumatic pressure to extracts hair from the donor area. Whereas, in the FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant) method, the chances of shock loss in the donor site are less in the donor area. However, if the surgeon extracts the massive number of hair follicles in a single session and does not close the strip properly then there will be a risk of loss of hair permanently in the donor area. During hair transplantation, stress on the miniaturized hair in the recipient area may also trigger the hair loss which was healthy before undergoing the procedure.

If you are also interested in considering this procedure then you must research best and renowned clinics along with the surgeon and go through the reviews of the other customers. Moreover, have a look at the success stories of performed surgeries. You must choose the highly-qualified and experienced surgeon so that your surgery is performed effectively and you get effective as well as expected results.