How do get out of those unwanted thoughts and depression?

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I am so afraid of something that is never seen by other people while sleeping someone used to call me and while I am waking up they would disappear, it is one of the greatest things ever happened in my life and it is very hard to forget about this. These are the kind of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which is also known as PTSD . Not only would the few people in this world moreover ninety percent of people come across this kind of illness at least once. while reading this text you might be stressed or calm or much happier ever in your life it does not affect you much but when you are getting in a lot of dis stress right after a trauma happens but you cannot able to begin to feel better for a single minute.

You can also see some people might have some symptoms that caused due to their distress, they might really affect their lives much enough. Even a few more people would have pills to get their life back from the critical thoughts and whatever the critical situation would be. If you are the kind of person who used to have additional drugs and pills then the trauma is still happening all the time in your body. Anyhow it is one of the hardest things to get out of this but there is no more way, sometimes the stressful moment would make the person weak and takes control of their mind and finally, it would make the person get suicide.

What is the difference between Trauma and PTSD?

Normally a Trauma is a kind of horrible experience in every human’s life because it is one of the situations where you might have felt afraid for your life or else it injures you physically and sometimes sexually too. Most people might have understood the feelings or heard about it happening to someone you care about. While PTSD develops in some people and not in all other people, each person has their own method to handle things in different methods. In such cases for years or decades after the event, if you feel like these kinds of illness then it does not mean you are completely weak in both physical and mental health. The main probability is that it makes you feel weak or unsafe but a lot of strong brave people are affected by this PTSD. Here the handling methods are different, people think that it is normal they used to come across all those struggles and who even think that it is much pressure adding situation then the disability takes control of the human being.

How to get out of PTSD?


Moreover, people are thinking that there is no other way to get out of PTSD, it is just a kind of intrusion or else the re-experiencing symptoms. And it is not a kind of disease that kills the human body day by day. Have it like it is just a kind of Trauma that is coming back which can show up as unwanted memories, forgetting things, flashbacks, etc.