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Search Console Structured Data page shows the structured information that Google has detected your site. You’ll also see information about markup errors on your pages that may prevent Rich Snippet snippets or other search features from appearing. The use of the best google adwords agency is essential there now.

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Quality Content on Web Pages and Links to Them in Search Engine Optimization

This has been ground for the past 10 years. A search engine optimization guide is about networking, and content and links pointing to it are crucial. Good content and links walk a little like hand in hand. For example, if you are building a website for your own business and you want to get your pages ranked well in local searches or throughout the Country. Make excellent product and service descriptions. Ask for links from your principals and partners and you’ve already done more than 90% of your competitors.

A few years ago, we talked about content alone, and now the definition of content is a little more precise about what kind of content is good content in Google’s opinion. According to my own observations, high-quality content is considered by search engines to be over 2000 words long, and the time spent on the site determines how search engines value the quality of the content. For example, if the length of the visitors to your site is not very long, the search engine will not consider the page to be of high quality and will not rank well in searches. Google Analytics tools help you investigate the length of visits to your sites.

Search Engine Optimization and Website Speed

If the site loads very slowly, it will be a significant degradation of the user experience for the site visitor. A slow page lowers your site’s overall conversion rate and is, for example, a significant right slower for e-commerce Many visitors expect a page to load within 2-3 seconds. Visit Google’s own tool to measure site speed.

By following these tips, you can have a great impact on your search engine optimization fundamentals. If you need more help and even want to outsource the whole process please contact us, so let’s see what makes sense for your business with search engine optimization.

Optimize Google My Business Pages

Locally, Google searches a lot of location-specific terms in their searches. Google my business lets you add your business name and email address, as well as pictures, for free. GMB is also able to request and respond to customer reviews. The GMB dashboard can also create business supply related posts, which are displayed for a week with company information when mapped to map data.

Site Experience

How long a new visitor stays on your site after arriving at your business site often means the experience of using the site? Google has its own Dwell time, which is the time that a user clicks on a search result and returns later. This is not to be confused with the Bounce rate, which in turn refers to the percentage of visitors to one page on your site.

On average, a site visitor thrives on the site for 2-3 minutes. So a good time to visit the site would probably be all visits over 3 minutes. Try to provide users and visitors with content that will entice them to stop on your site and take the desired action. Average visit times can be a signal to Google that your content is of high quality and that this quality and relevant content is exactly what the search engine wants to provide to those seeking information.