The Kind of Facebook Likes You Would Like to Have Now

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To choose your social network well, you must start by defining your objectives. To do this, you need to ask yourself the right questions like:

  • Why do you want to be on social media?
  • On which social networks are your competitors the most active today?

The answers to these questions can be diverse. Indeed, you can feel the need to be on social networks in order to increase the notoriety of your company, to manage your e-reputation, to retain customers and/or to prospect. For the Social Signals you need to be specific now.

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For good digital communication, you need to know where your target is. Define those to whom your services are addressed. With the help of a web marketing agency, set out to define the profiles of your visitors such as their age, gender men or women, income and social class. You also need to assess the type of content you can produce and which will be of interest to your audience. Finally, you need to understand the use of different social networks. Having basic training on social media will help you immensely.

Which social networks, for which business uses?

If you are realistic, you will realize that it is impossible to be present all the time, everywhere, on every social network. Considering the various existing supports, it is imperative to go beyond the raw audience figures and to know how to share things to focus on the 2 or 3 social networks that really matter to you. When we look at how marketers, in general, prioritize the social networks most suited to their business, we notice that the first 3 criteria are:

  • Audience potential reach
  • The cost of advertisements to amplify its content without breaking the bank
  • And the traffic potential that will be redirected to the company’s site because this is often where the real conversion takes place.

These criteria have the merit of being objective and of reflecting the expectations of professionals with regard to their social media marketing programs. However, we also choose our priority social networks based on the affinity of a platform with a specific target.

Social Networks

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best known with a large number of users to its credit. However, this network is not necessarily compatible with all types of companies. In fact, it is more recommended for brands or companies whose digital communication is based on multimedia content.

Twitter also enjoys a good popularity rating and counts among its users, journalists and star-artists. The social network allows you to follow a specific subject in the news feeds through its famous “hashtag” or “#”. It is the platform par excellence for creating and maintaining professional contacts.

As far as LinkedIn and Instagram are concerned, these are more networks geared towards B2B, B2C companies or business introducers. Consider using Instagram if you want to highlight visuals.

YouTube is a social network for sharing videos. Your web marketing agency will recommend it if you intend to reach your community via storytelling or emotional content. If you want to have digital communication at the height, it is a support that is appropriate perfectly.

Pinterest is a social network that allows you to create spaces to classify images and info-graphics by theme.

In another measure, you also have Tumblr and Scoop It on which to focus your digital communication. Scoop is a content curator with an interface dedicated to the presentation of various selected publications.