The Perfect Options for the French Handbags Now

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The bag is a key piece to make your look even more beautiful. So how about learning how to choose the right bag? Basically we should think of 3 variables to decide which bag we will use: your style, your body type and occasion. We’ll learn about each one of them, and then the tip is to create the bag that suits you best on the Bags website. The use of the french handbag comes perfectly right there now.

The Special Styles

It’s no use following fashion rules if you don’t have a bag that matches your style! Elegant or stripped down? One tip here is that the more structured the bag, the more elegant it will be, and the more unstructured it will be, the more “sporty”. So which one suits your personality the most?

Right handbags

The format that will make your body more proportional

Handbags greatly influence how your body is perceived, so be aware of the tips below (but of course, these are not rules, by the way, we women have no rules for anything if you are short and love big bags, you play).

If you are tall: you can wear almost any kind of bag. Long transverse straps are great for maintaining your body shape and proportion! And make those too small just for social events that require this bag size (parties, weddings).

If you are short: The ideal is to use medium and small bags, avoid the big ones that will hide you! Very long handles can also cause some disproportionate look, so choose medium or short handles.

If you are skinny: you can abuse large bags and also use small ones with various shapes and colors. If possible, choose those bags that end at the waistline that will give your body more volume.

If you are chubby: The same rule applied to clothes is for bags, avoid putting more volume where you already have. That is, avoid shoulder bags that end up on your hip. Very small bags are not ideas either, as they can become disproportionate. Ideally, then, you should opt for medium-sized handbags to place on your shoulder or hold in your hand.

french handbag

Day to Day: For day to day work give priority to practicality and larger grants so you can take with you everything you may need. Bet on neutral colors to avoid worrying about combinations, or add a touch of color that still allows for versatility.

Ride: For weekend getaways prefer medium or small bags, more striking colors are welcome to give a special tone to your look.

Bags created

Night: For the night choose small models where only the necessary fit. Shoulder straps are a good choice to complete the look.

How about creating and receiving your perfect bag at home? You have several options (like the ones above) and the values ​​are very cheap you need to be very specific there. The essential opportunities are perfect in these parts and that is what makes the entire choice exceptional now.

You need to be specific on these parts that actually come up with the best handbags. If you are specific enough, then surely you will be able to have the perfect option for the same and that also within the perfect roles.