Everything about Badugi Poker

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Games are evolving and gambling games are not exceptions. One of the new and special draw poker games is Badugi. As we said it is actually a new one hence it is not that famous or popular but sometimes you might see a big poker star playing it or talking about it. Since it is new not many people know about it but those who know, they love it. This draw poker game is generally played with betting limits. Badugi comes under the category of lowball game which means the lowest hand wins the pot. But it is a bit different and special in some ways. For example, Low hands are hugely affected by suits. Only one card out of every suit can count at showdown. Badugi is a game where the player has 4-card hands while in almost every other poker game, a hand has 5 cards. Badugi is a fusion of famous games. You would be surprised to know that it is featured in the Dealers Choice events and in the Triple Draw Mix although it doesn’t have its own tournament per se at the WSOP.

It completely depends where you live as this game is not widely available everywhere. Places like Vegas can help you to play this game but this might not be the case with other locations. This game is growing right now and that’s why it doesn’t have much exposure but due to it’s increasing popularity and uniqueness, this game is catching a lot of eyes. let’s deep inside and check out some basic rules of this game.

Basic Rules

Generally, this game is played with the classic big blin-small bling structure and that never goes out of fashion. This means that every hand starts with a small blind as well as the big blind posting blind bets. Big blinds are usually double the amount of the small blinds. The players sitting to the left side of the dealer button are always the blinds. This means the action begins to the left of the BB which is a position called “Under the Gun”, or UTG for short.

Every player is dealt four cards face down and it is the UTG that speaks first. They can either call the blind, fold or raise as they have the option to do so. In case they fold, the cards are dead and they end up giving up the pot. But in case they raise, the other players at the table had to put the raised amount into the pot in order to stay in the hand. But if no one calls, the end raiser wins the pot. However, if there is at least one caller, the hand resumes.

Once the first is over, in the pre-draw betting round players can discard 1-4 of their cards and can also draw 1-4 new cards. If they want, they can also draw no card which is often called “stay pat”.

Play can also choose to draw once again after that. But one thing to know about this street is that the betting limit doubles. This lets players place a “big bet”.

The third one is the last draw which is followed by the last round of betting.

The 4-card hand which has the lowest high card wins the pot and this is what makes Badugi different or unique from other lowball poker types. There is just one card from every suit that counts. Let’s say if we have four cards from all different suits, we will have a Badugi. 4-low Badugi (A234, all off-suit) is claimed to be the best one and the worst one is King-low Badugi. One that will always be low would be Ace.

If you end up having a 3-suit hand you wouldn’t have a Badugi but this doesn’t kill your chances of winning a hand. Imagine you have a 3-card hand that is one card from every suit which loses to any 4-card hand but it can beat other hands with a 3-card. Take an example where you have Js7s6c4d, you, and holding a 7-low 3-card hand. You have good chances of beating KhQH2s3c but you lose to KsAc9h8d, a king-low Badugi. The same case implies 2 and 1-card hands as they are never good at showdown. If you would like your suggestion then we suggest folding or bulling instead of calling them down. You might be having this question: what if the players run out of cards to draw at any point in the hand? The discarded pile is reshuffled and dealt again.


Time to know about its history. This game originated in South Korea. The name of the game, Badugi, means “black and white spotted dog” in the Korean language. Another game called Go has a similar name in this language, “baduk” which is derived from the same word. It was the early 2000s when the game gained its popularity when PokerStars included it to their selection and used their famous ambassadors, like Daniel Negreanu to promote it. First WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) Badugi tournament in 2009 was also hosted by them which was won by Raymond Davis. The game was being played in Korea since the 1980s which is believed by most of the people but there are also some people who say that they have seen this game being played in Canada in the ’80s under the name “Off Suit Lowball”.

These were some of the things that you need to know. This game is gaining a lot of popularity but still hasn’t received much fame and that’s why it is not easy to play this game offline. But if you want to try this game out then the internet got your back. You can find this game on the internet and all you have to do is go online (aka 온라인바둑이) and find a good website which has the option of this game. This game is really an amazing option for people who want to play something unique as its specialty is the only thing that makes kit different from other poker games.