Become popular on Instagram: you’re all Right

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Following the article on flirting on Instagram, a reader asked me to take a look at his Instagram profile to see what I thought about it. The use of the instagram web viewer happens to be essential here.

There are three things in life that are certain:

Girls are more popular on Instagram than guys, hence this article cover, Instagram fitness girl bombshell.

In both cases, the premise is the same: what appeals to a large number of people is likely to please us.

Because we are sheep?

  • A little, but not only for that.
  • Mainly because the choice of the greatest number has often been the least dangerous and most satisfactory choice in the history of humanity.

Let’s go back to our sheep and our social media profiles: in the last ten years, the race for online popularity has allowed some to become “more lovable”, “more popular”.

New professions have appeared, such as the job of influencer, which consists in offering to its audience products or services likely to please them.

There, it is consistent.

The reader who wanted to become popular on Instagram

instagram web viewer

The quality of the photos (quite average) does not explain why this type is so popular on Instagram

  • The engagement under his photos is quite nonexistent.
  • Engagement is what we base ourselves on to assess the true popularity of an Instagram account. We generally calculate an engagement rate.
  • For example, in the photo below, the engagement rate is huge compared to the number of regular likes we receive.

But with this reader who wanted me to look at his Instagram account, we arrived at a very low engagement rate, which made me suspect an entourage. Only 20 likes per photo, never the slightest comment. The obvious verdict is that this gentleman bought fake subscribers (a practice that I absolutely recommend against).

What does a girl who discovers this Instagram profile see when she goes to stalk it?

  • A guy who needs to artificially inflate his value online.
  • A frog that wants to appear larger than beef.
  • A guy who is ready to buy fake followers to appear more popular online.

But no one is fooled. And the final effect is exactly the opposite of the expected effect: he wanted to appear popular, in reality, we understand that he needs to be looked at, that we love him, we understand that he is ready to everything to camouflage a small wound of ego, to hide a lack of self-confidence.

No to wannabe, no to false influencers! You will not seduce by lying.

You may seduce a girl or two who don’t understand anything, you will please them on a misunderstanding, you will attract girls who are a bit silly as the string is big.

The most common is the following: it’s dirty, it’s fake, but it works for some great influencers, unfortunately.

So how do they manage not to get caught?

To have a not too ridiculous engagement rate: they also buy fake likes and false comments on Instagram. But hey, when you look at the list of people who like and comment on their photos, you realize that followers. It is a gear from which it is hard to get out: they lied, and in order not to get burnt out, they are forced to continue lying. Let’s see cleaner methods to be more popular on Instagram, ethically.