Essential Forex Options with You

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The choice of a Forex broker should be taken very responsibly, otherwise, you risk getting into the Forex kitchen. It is important to understand that the success of your trading depends on a brokerage company in many ways: it provides a platform for trading, is responsible for executing orders, makes it possible to make a deposit and withdraw the money earned, guarantees the safety of your funds in accounts, and so on. In our material, we will tell you what important factors you need to pay attention to in order to choose a broker to trade forex correctly. The broker reviews will be perfect here.

Below you will find a very useful tool for those who do not have time to independently study tons of information and compare dozens of brokers for various parameters. In fact, we did it for you. We personally tested trading with more than 50 brokers, eliminated outright rubbish (companies with a bunch of complaints, repeated cases of cheating traders, without a license). The remaining ones were sorted by parameters and we got such a service.

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How to choose a forex broker? Important factors to check for sure.

Reliability and reputation

The first thing you should find out what kind of reputation a broker has earned during his work. No one will tell you better about the company than those who have already become its clients. But there is an important point: the source of such information must be reliable. Best of all, if you have friends trading with this broker that you trust, listen to their opinion and most likely it will immediately become clear to you whether to contact this company.

If there are no such acquaintances, you will have to look for information on the Internet and the media. Here the situation is more complicated since there are a lot of online resources that provide all kinds of ratings. Often sites put up paid ratings, and of course, you will not find anything useful there. Therefore, carefully select resources look at the age and appearance of the site, the number of comments.

The rating of brokers of our resource does not pretend to be the most perfect, however, we can guarantee 2 things exactly:

  • We do not sell places in the rating for money.
  • We ourselves tested trading with all brokers included in our rating, and we know firsthand about the pros and cons of these companies. see the rating of brokers for the InvestmentSchool website. We use this information to determine the position of a broker in the rating, constantly monitor changes in the work of companies and analyze the feedback of traders. How good our rating is, is up to you to judge, but we are really trying and you might be surprised, but look who we have in the first place now.

Market life

This indicator is indirect but avoids unnecessary risk. The logic here is simple – if a company has been operating in the market for a long time and has still not closed, this is a good sign. In this case, we study reviews and reputation. And if the broker opened just yesterday, then it is still a dark horse and entrusting it with your money you risk.