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Often, it is difficult to find good titles for content to share. It should preferably be a little catchy and it should be good SEO. We assist you with this. You enter the keyword you want to use and the site finds suggestions for you. The service uses auto-complete sentences from Google searches and Bing searches to give you examples you can use. You know when you type a word, Google tries to suggest what to search for? These are the ones used here.

It is all presented nicely visually so it is easy to get an overview of the various suggestions you can use. What you might want to do is find some of the phrases you want to use, and then run them through Google Trends so you know if there are popular searches. With the google adwords expert you can have the smartest options.

Lead Feeder

google adwords expert

We recently came across this treat of a tool when working with Google Analytics. The tool uses Google Analytics. In addition, it is most interesting for you who work with B2B and want new leads.

What the Leadfeeder does is filter out all your ISP (Internet Service Providers) to find out which company is visiting your website. They can’t remove all ISP’s, but it’s a good tool to see which company visits the site. Lead feeds show how many pages visitors have visited, how many from the company have visited, which pages have been visited, how they found the page, how long they were on each page and who in the company you are connected to through LinkedIn. This means that you do not necessarily need to contact them coldly. In addition, it is possible to link to CRM systems and Mailchimp. One last thing is that you get a trial period of 1 month and can extend this by 1 extra month by sharing.


  • We promised five good tips. So this is today’s fifth tip, and is perhaps more of a whim. But it can certainly be fun to play with. This page takes the text you type and turns it upside down, and nothing more than that.
  • It may be interesting to use the subject field when sending mail. Not many people do it yet, and it may cause a few more to open the mail. Try it out and see what happens!
  • Today, we spend most of the time online. We check the weather, read the news and google. This is precisely why the need to use digital marketing has exploded in recent years. To reach as many potential customers as possible, traditional marketing no longer holds.

When you start advertising and marketing online, it doesn’t have to be as difficult and time-consuming as it may seem. We will give you 10 tips for effective digital marketing

Switch to inbound marketing

At the same time as digitalization has taken place in recent years, we have also started to use the Internet in a new way. Now we are concerned that the internet should make our lives easier – this is also important when we are marketing. As a customer, you want it to be as easy to sign up as it is to sign up for a newsletter. It should also be easy to look up a product on the website and at the same time get help as soon as possible if you wish. Therefore, it is important to understand the customer’s wishes and needs when selling a product or service. Inbound is about the customer and putting the customer’s needs first.