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One of the most popular lotteries in Hong Kong is that gives varieties of games with exclusive prize amounts. It features the updates of the games regularly and also the current updates of the results. This site also shares various details on games conducted by the China Sports Club and Welfare Lotteries in China. Lottery.HK exclusively gives the details of the mark six-game draw offered by the Jockey Club in Hong Kong. Mark six is a popular game which is running successfully in Hong Kong among the other lottery games. It is a long-running game and also surprises the players with lots of prize amounts.

HK result

Welfare Lottery in China:

This site declares the HK result regularly and a jackpot will usually start from HK$8 million. This price amount is just the starting and it also offers some other extra prices with the prize amount. The draws of the game will usually take place thrice in a week and it is very simple to start the draw. The player can start the draw of the game with even the small amount range of $HK5. This site will also give the general updates of the Welfare Lottery of China. The welfare lottery of china is specialized in offering the games exclusively for helping the underprivileged people. This welfare is trying to help these kinds of people to maintain their health and happiness through these price amounts. It is an excellent service for those kinds of people and this welfare lottery is maintaining this service early from 1987.

Fun Gaming:

This welfare lottery specially allocates various games which will give them more money to serve the people. The list of games offered by this welfare association goes more but there are some exciting games such as Fucai 3D offer, Double color Ball and Seven Lottery. These games will be more fun and also will help you to gain more money to serve the poor and the underprivileged. These games will give you the price amounts for the full week and from that amount a little portion will go to the welfare project. The tickets which are sold will gain more money and a small portion from this category will also reach the poor people.

Strict Rules and Regulations:

This China lottery is not applicable for all the ages of people. They have specific rules and regulations which have to be strictly followed in each and every play. The player must be above the age of 18 at least. The time duration fro claiming the prize amounts of the game is just 60 days. The player must fetch eth prize amount within this allotted time or else the price will directly go the welfare association. The player must be quick in claiming the amount, and if no one has an interest and come forward for claiming the amount, then the whole total amount will automatically reach the welfare. There must be the perfect lottery ticket for claiming the amount. If there is any damage to it or the card is missing, one cannot argue the prize amount.