The ability and strength to do active physical things

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The energy was explained in various forms. The strength and vitality required for mental activity. Energy is a physical system, the simplest definition of energy is the ability to do work. In every action there is energy is a must. Without energy, there is no movement happened. Energy is how things change and move. The movements like energy to cook food, to drive to school, and jump the air, etc. in the world there are many forms of energy is discovered. Some of the energy is chemical, electrical, heat, light, etc.  There is much power working is happened from that Power to Choose Energy is very essential in the power supply.

Chemical energy

Power to Choose Energy

Chemical energy comes from atoms. This produces many new chemical formulas to develop mankind. Chemical energy develops the biological and physical development of energy. In physics, the standard of energy is calculated by joule. There are many other forms to measure energy kilowatt-hours, calories, newton-meters, etc. these are the other forms of energy. The law states that energy is never created and destroyed. One best example of chemical energy in food that turns into kinetic energy. The chemical energy interacts with the help of molecules.

Electrical energy

Electrical energy develops through the movement of the generated. Electrical energy is a very essential need of every people. In modern technology, every instrument was working according to electric energy. Television, washing machine, fridge, refrigerator, laptop, mobile phone, grander, micro oven, etc. this also works with the help of energy. Without energy, human beings cannot survive the world. In every second of human-like, we depend on electric power. For traveling, we need an electric train. This taught the need for energy.  Even cars also had a lot of energy to work. Every equipment human being needs the help of energy by their personal use and industrial development.

Heat and Light

Heat energy is also called thermal energy. Heat energy help to develop the energy into movement. With the help of heat energy, we can produce electric power. This is the basic need of every source. Heat energy also converted into light energy. Heat energy help to make food, many industry developments, etc. heat energy had a lot of electric power people have a proper idea to convert heat energy into electric energy. Light energy is called radiant energy. The earth observes a lot of energy from the light of the sun.  the sun is the best example of light energy.

Motion- nuclear- potential energy

Motion energy is called moving energy. With the help of moving energy, we can get many benefits. This is also called kinetic energy. Motion energy can get form the movement of energy. Nuclear energy had a huge amount of nuclear energy. It can get by split the atoms. The atoms were divided in this energy consumer. This gives air pollution the radiation easily affected the atmosphere. People also get much skin disease with the influence of nuclear energy. That’s why nuclear energy mill was away from human beings. Potential is an energy that is stored. This energy is common from people. One best example of this is spring that is pressed down.