Best Storage Solutions for You Now

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In warehousing, there are several factors that need to be considered and for that, you need to follow a thorough and detailed process as you can see below with the tips for storing your goods in the best possible way. With the Tiger Containers you can have the best options now.

Keep the goods in the original packaging.

To preserve the quality and integrity of products and to store your goods more safely, you must keep them in their original packaging, taking proper care in handling, so that they do not present problems. In general, the goods arrive with primary packaging, which involves the product itself, and there are secondary packaging which protects the former and ensures its preservation.

If the packaging is of higher quality, it is easier to ensure the integrity of the stored products, even helping in the separation and identification process, while optimizing the space where they will be stored. In larger companies, the maintenance of packaging also helps in palletizing. Facilitating the handling of more products and offering more speed to operations.

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Store the goods correctly

One of the main concerns for storing your goods should be agility in the processes of cargo handling, especially on busy days. To meet this need, all goods must be stored correctly. There are systems for this, such as the ABC curve classification, where the materials with higher rotation are closer to the warehouse reception, gaining faster for receiving and shipping, while other goods may be in intermediate or more distant position as they are not moved as often.

Maintain adequate infrastructure

The place to store your goods must contain the entire necessary infrastructure to ensure a more efficient flow in handling incoming and outgoing items. In choosing the place you need to consider some important points that ensure this moving process:

  • In larger companies, a high-ceilinged location is required to support the pallet truck structure, while at the same time serving to expand the space.
  • The warehouse floor must support the weight of equipment and materials.
  • The environment must be illuminated efficiently but economically.
  • The site must have all the necessary security controls, including full-time monitoring.
  • The warehouse must have fire safety systems.
  • Other needs should be seen, such as leveling and covered loading and unloading docks.

Define a suitable layout

The warehouse layout should be structured to provide the highest possible efficiency for day to day moving. Consideration must be given to the flow of operations, equipment movement, operators, and other necessary tools. Space should be maximized by utilizing full availability while maintaining an organized and flexible structure, including signage to maintain the organization.

Arrange physical space to store your goods

When we refer to the organization of the physical space to store your goods, we are also referring to the storage and cleaning, which are basic factors to keep the space conserved and, at the same time, to prevent possible accidents.

Maintaining this organization requires everything to be in place, with no scattered objects, leaving enough room for equipment to move. Circulation sites should be kept free at all times and any unused items should be immediately discarded. Floor cleaning should be frequent, as should packaging.