Theft that occurs by using social security number

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Many scammers or hackers are hacking and thefts the information about a person’s details and use the details to do the scam in banks, utility, medicine and on various sides. By using the social security number the ssn identity theft  can also occur. This includes personal information about the medical number, gas number, water connection, electricity, tax, and the whole identity of a person. Everyone has to make sure about the personal details regularly. That prevents theft from the common person. Scams that causing by ssn are here as follows.

Social security number :

By using social security number there are many scams are occurring everywhere. The scams like

  • Identity theft from government
  • Financial theft
  • Criminal theft
  • Medical theft
  • Utility theft
  • Etc

Here, let us see how the theft is occurring from these sides,

Identity theft using government details :

ssn identity theft

The thief can steal from the personal information and making a tax refund called SIRF stolen identity refund fraud. From this, they can appeal to the government and get the refund in the tax from the government. SIRF is the process to the people from fraudulent but it helps the thief to get a refund as a scam.

Financial theft :  

When the person loses their personally identifiable information, then the thief can use the details to gain the loan from the banks, can collect the credit card, withdrawal of money from banks or the insurance sectors. Other financial frauds are from

  • Computer
  • Wire
  • Mail
  • Employment

Criminal theft :

This critical theft of identity is very crucial because when the personal details of a person are in the hands of a criminal background person, that person can make use of the details to get out of the jail. And if some other problem occurs the warrant will charge of the person who lost the details, this may create a risk in career to the person.

Medical theft :

By using the Social security number the thief can do the scam on the medical side by taking the healthcare insurance or any other medical emergency services or other schemes related to it. When the person claiming the insurance at that time only he can able to identify the theft occurred. So, disclosing this should not be recommended everywhere.

Utility theft :

This creates the major theft that one may not imagine, the area that affected are phone bills, water bills, gas payments, electric bills, etc. The thief can access the number in phone bills by taking the postpaid options so after the period of the service the customer comes to know about the malpractice. In the electricity bills, the fraudulent can exchange the service and they can use it by the payment for them. Water bills amount can be utilized by the thief and that may not lead the payments to the government in their account. Those numbers can be a leak by the person who is an authority on the departments. So, every person should be very careful in online transactions and bill payments. Regular checking causes good effects.